Pharmahandel Koehnen GmbH

Thank you very much for visiting Pharmahandel Köhnen GmbH. As pharmaceutical wholesaler and trader, we are- since 15 years- a reliable partner within the European trade of pharmaceuticals. From our site in the area SAAR-LOR-LUX we serve our clients in Germany and the European Union. We supply international pharmaceuticals to authorized wholesalers and pharmacies.

Company's Founder

After graduating as pharmacist in 1991, Peter Köhnen gathered professional experience in various positions in the European pharmaceutical trade before starting his own venture in 1998.

The excellent links to the major Eurean pharmaceutical traders and manufacturers.

Thus are used to the benefit of our clients. This experience made him focus on the real needs of the customers:

Reliability, Speed, Concentration on the essentials.


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Pharmahandel Köhnen GmbH, Geschäftsführer: Apotheker Peter Köhnen
Dillinger Str. 2, 66701 Beckingen, Tel.: +49 6835 500843, Fax: +49 6835 500842